Shaun Nelson has been a photographer for 12 years, but only became serious about his work 7 years ago. Shaun’s initial introduction to photography came as a way to capture memorable moments of his kids and family. In June 2000 his first son was born and being a proud new father, bought his first digital camera. The camera was VGA (640 x 480, not even 1 megapixel) and only had enough internal memory to hold 12 images. At $500, it was an expensive camera, the pictures looked terrible, but he was able to email them to family. Shaun was quickly bitten by the photo bug.

Fourteen years and eight cameras have passed since he snapped that first photo. As an active photographer, Shaun has shot everything from wildlife and landscapes to sporting events and portraits. He’s enjoyed several types of photography, but in the last five years has focused on portraits, “because it’s very rewarding to capture the style, expression and emotion of people.”

Shaun Nelson Photography
South Ogden, Utah, United States
Phone: 801.514.1806
Email: shaun [at] shaunnelsonphotography [dot] com
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